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Ready to schedule a session? 

  • How do I schedule a session?
    You can schedule a session via the website or my Facebook page. Both locations will take you to my scheduling app. No sessions will be scheduled via phone or by email, but feel free to call or email me with questions prior to scheduling.
  • Do you offer homework assistance?
    Yes. All sessions can include help completing a homework assignment. The student (or parent) can provide a copy of the homework assignment before the scheduled session by e-mailing me at, or by texting a copy to me at (240) XXX-XXXX. If students can only access assignments using a school-sanctioned platform (such as Google Classroom or Canvas), students can share their screen during a session so that the homework assignment is viewable.
  • What does a session generally include?
    Sessions are customized based on the needs of the student, but each comes with private, virtual tutoring with me. Sessions can consist of homework assistance; help preparing for a test or quiz; or focused instruction on a particular math skill. During the course of a session, we may use other platforms for reinforcement, such as iXL. Students are not required to have a membership for any outside platform.
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