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About Me

I am a professional math tutor who earned a Bachelor's degree in Math and Electrical Engineering from Tennessee State University and Lane College. After undergraduate school, I obtained a Master's degree in Business Analytics from Villanova University. 

Math came easily to me as a student, but I recognize that this is not the case for all students. When my older sister went to college, I honed my tutoring skills helping her pass her Probability & Statistics class. Her success solidified my desire to see those I help gain an understanding of math and a love for the subject, as well. (Hey! A tutor can dream!) 

Lawrence Pugh, professional math tutor online services
How It Works

What I Offer

Flexible & Individualized Lessons 

Multiple Tutoring Options

Tutoring is individualized based on the needs of the student. Sessions are customized using class syllabuses, student goals, and progressive tutor assessments.

  • Virtual, Private, One-on-One Lessons

  • PSAT, SAT & ACT Test Prep Services (Math section only)

  • Quiz & Test Prep

Student Levels

Services available for K-12 & beyond.

Online Sessions

All sessions conducted using Zoom platform. 


What Happy
Students &
Parents Say

"After one session with Mr. Math, my daughter told me, 'Mom, I don't know HOW my teacher has been teaching me all this time! When Mr. Math explained it, I got it right away and got everything right. I don't know WHAT I've been learning all this time. She's been confusing me this whole year. I understand SO much better after one session.'"

- Melanie G.

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